A year ago…

A year ago today I started blogging with these words which remain as true today as they were then (except that I am learning to enjoy writing):

I have never liked the idea of blogging. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I like it when you blog, or, at least when I read your blog. I just don’t like to write. It hurts my head. I don’t like to sit still, but I have the capacity to stare at a blinking cursor for hours as if I was a mountain lion staring down my next meal. Why?  Dissertation, that’s why.  But the open, festering wounds from four years of writing a decade ago have started to heal, and I need to write.

I want to write about the world and the Bible and the God who made the world and gave us the Bible.  I want to share words from people long past who loved God and the Bible and the world.  And maybe together, we can love God and love people more.

I want the words of my hands

and the meditation of my heart

dribbling onto the keyboard

to be pleasing in Your sight, Oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.

May all who come across these musings

be like the Post-Pentecost rulers and elders and scribes who recognized the uneducated fisher-Apostles

as those who confidently walked with You, Jesus.

Shield my soul, Creator-Protector,

From crafting words to focus on me,

From counting post-likes and views,

From seeking any glory but what only belongs to You.


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