Happy New Year!

This is my first August in 20 years that I haven’t been getting ready for the first day of school–and, if anyone is counting, this is only my 7th year in all my years that there has been no first day of school.  Its exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

But last night, like the last two decades, I spent the evening with eager new university students.  The conversation sounded like so many years before–hopes, questions, dreams, terror, delight.  I fed them, we talked, checked out the meat in the smoker, read Scripture, and prayed together, and then I sent them back to the dorms.

Here is a flashback to some of the advice I gave to the freshmen last year:

Your God knows what you need:  Welcome, Freshmen!

Your education is not all about you.  Welcome, Freshmen: Pt. 2

Growth comes through discomfort.  Welcome, Freshmen: Pt. 3

You need to sleep.  Welcome, Freshmen: Pt. 4

Love every minute of this adventure.  People are going to fail you and disappoint you.  You are going to flunk quizzes.  Sometimes you won’t know what the chapel speaker is talking about.  Embrace it, and let all of it chase you to understand and love the grace and character of your God. He is worth it!


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