Speaker Info

Lisa is available to speak at your church or group for individual sessions, retreats, or outreach events, within the US and abroad.  She brings a keen understanding of Bible backgrounds, careful theological study, and clear (and, occasionally, humorous) communications of the Truth of Scripture. Her background in higher education and missions, as well as church and non-profit leadership, allows her to provide compelling illustrations and application to real life and ministry.

Speaking Topics

Below are a few examples of sessions Lisa has taught.  Other passages or topics can be developed for your group. All messages are approximately 55 minutes unless otherwise noted but can be adjusted 10 minutes more or less. Any session can include interaction and discussion as desired by the organizer.  Recordings of some of the topics below can be heard on the “Recordings” page of this blog.

Biographical Lessons

  • Amazing Grace from the Life of John Newton (Shameless Plug: Please, Please ask me to talk about John Newton. We will both be blessed!)
  • Faithfulness in the Fields: Lessons from Faithful Missionary Women
  • Leadership in the Fields: Leadership Lessons from Missionary Biographies
  • Suffering in the Fields: Preparing for Faithfulness in Hardship

Chapter Studies

  • Abiding in Christ in Suffering: 1 Peter
  • Abiding in Christ: John 15
  • The Messiah’s Genealogy: Matthew 1
  • The Believer’s Identity: Ephesians 1
  • Life and Peace–The Work of the Spirit in the Life of the Believer: Romans 8

Book Studies

  • Hebrews
    • Jesus is a Better Sacrifice
    • Jesus is a Better High Priest
    • Jesus is a Better Hope
    • Jesus is a Better Rest and Anchor
  • Isaiah
    • Introduction to Isaiah
    • Portrait of the King
    • Portrait of the Servant
    • Fulfillment of the Servant-King
  • Matthew
    • The Messiah Comes: Mt. 1:1-17
    • The Messiah says, “Come”: Mt. 11:25-30
    • The Canaanite Woman Comes to Jesus: Mt. 15:21-28
    • The Disciples Come to Jesus: Mt 20:20-28

Women Who Worship:  A Study in the Prayers and Praises of Biblical Women

  • Deborah
  • Hannah
  • Elizabeth
  • Mary

Missions Messages and Training

  • Short Term Missions:  Philosophy, Team Development, etc (1 to 8 hour workshops)
  • Caring for Missionaries through the Local Church
  • Involving Children in Missions

Individual Messages and Workshops

  • Hospitality and the Gospel
  • How to Lead a Small Group
  • The Christian’s Call to Discipleship
  • Biblical Womanhood
  • Life and Times of the Messiah (Christmas message looking at OT prophecies)
  • Peacemaking for Women (1 to 5-hour interactive workshop)
  • Priority of Evangelism (1 to 3 hour interactive workshop)
  • Living the life You Didn’t Expect: Daniel
  • Undistracted Devotion: Glorifying God in Singleness

Speaking Requirements:

If you would like Lisa to speak to your group, please contact her at lisalageorge@gmail.com.  Her Speaking Request Form can be submitted to the same email address: Speaking Request Form.

Regarding speaking fees, Lisa leaves the amount of the honorarium up to each group to determine. She asks for reimbursement for travel expenses and housing.  Individual, quiet housing is preferable whether provided in a home or hotel.