Praying for Your Children. . .and Others

My mom rarely thought she had anything to write to me about, back when letters were in vogue 25 years ago.  She and dad worked hard at LaGeorge Foods and served faithfully at church. “Why don’t you write more in your letters?” I asked my her.  I had moved to Alaska, and I missed her.  She had nothing to write about, she would say.  How about why you decided to run for city council?  Thanks for saving me the “Vote for Betty” button.  Or, how about telling me about laying your motorcycle on the dirt going around a curve onto Spencer Road?  I had to ask about that after finding her helmet with new gravel “decorations.”

LaGeorge Foods in 1906, 65 years before my family moved in.

She wrote plenty, though, throughout years of sending care packages to college and then grad school.  Even today, I received a card, with the “Dr.” on my address, circled as always, with a pink heart.  And more importantly, she has prayed plenty for me, too, and regularly tells me so.  She  wrote one time, praising the Lord by quoting the Apostle John, “I have no greater joy than to know that my children walk in the Truth.”  (3 John 4)

I was reminded of that note and her prayers this morning as I researched a “worker” I had been email-introduced to in Cambodia.  He and his wife have served there faithfully for almost a quarter of a century.  JD had done some blogging, and I found his writing to be poignant, humble, and helpful.


One example of this was a blog post written by JD and Kim on Andy Naselli’s site.  This couple prays regularly for their kids, as did my own mother.  They list categories of Faith, Wisdom, Influences and Relationships, and Physical with 39 specific points.  Checking out this list will be a blessing as you pray for your own children. . .and others.

Thanks, Mom!


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