My friend, Jenn

Sometimes life is just plain hard.  Ministry is disappointing, our heroes have feet of clay, and everything groans, waiting for final Redemption from the brokenness of the Garden.  But nothing makes those days sweeter than walking them with a friend.

She was a student, then an RA, the Admin Assistant, a Resident Director and then the Dean of Women.  Through those roles, I have counted her a friend of the first class, one of God’s great grace-gifts of the last decade.  We have worked, cried, dreamed, walked, antiqued, eaten sushi, studied, and held each other up when we were alternatively without strength.

Tomorrow Jenn moves to Nashville to begin a new role with the ERLC.  The laughter and challenge and (sometimes) brutal honesty leave with her, and I have to admit, I am undone with sadness as I think of tomorrow without my friend near.

But, what a precious gift.  As John Newton wrote to his friend in 1780:

“We often complain of losses; but the expression is rather improper.  Strictly speaking, we can lose nothing, because we have not real property in any thing.  Our earthly comforts are lent us; and when recalled, we ought to return and resign them with thankfulness to Him who has let them remain so long in our hands.

Letters of John Newton, p. 280.

With thankfulness, Godspeed, Jennifer!  Santa Clarita and Nashville will never be the same.



  1. Oh friend, what a precious post…for a precious friendship. Weeping with you in this season of transition and loss, change and new beginnings…thankful with you for the dear friends God has given to journey with! 💗

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