Redeeming Your Time Ch. 4-7 Discussion Guide

My colleagues and I are continuing our way through Redeeming Your Time by Jordan Raynor. You can find the Discussion Guide we used for the first three chapters here and the rest of the chapters below. You can also find a downloadable guide for the whole book on my Resources page.

Chapter 4:  Prioritize your Yeses

“To redeem our time in the model of our Redeemer, we must decide what matters most and allow those choices to prioritize our commitments.” P. 78

  • How would you define the concept of a priority?  Where do they come from?  Do we determine them or are some of them fixed?
  • Do you see yourself as proactive or reactionary?
  • Do you choose calling?
  • How would OKR’s help in your various roles?  Personal or at work?
  • What areas of your life need planned neglect?
  • Consider the phrase at the top of page 91:  “Wish I could, but I’m fully committed to. . .”  When do you need to use this phrase next?

Chapter 5:  Accept your Unipresence

“To redeem our time in the model of our Redeemer, we must accept our unipresence and focus on one important thing at a time.” P. 100

  • When was the last time you engaged in deep work?  What were the circumstances that led to that?
  • Which of the enemies on pages 105-109 is your chief nemesis?
  • How does your use of technology fight unipresence?
  • How has your perspective on alerts and messages changed over the years? Do you feel that you have to be available 24/7?  Do you expect others to be available constantly?
  • Do you feel the freedom to attempt to only check emails 3 times a day?
  • How atrophied are your “focus muscles”?

Chapter 6:  Embrace Productive Rest

“To redeem our time in the model of our Redeemer, we must embrace the God-designed rhythms of rest that are counterintuitively productive for our goals and our souls.” P. 129

  • What is a problem that you wish you could solve in your sleep?
  • Are you getting enough sleep?  What hinders you?
  • Have you ever attempted to take a weekly Sabbath?  What hinders you?
  • Getting sufficient rest is an evidence of trust in God.  True or False?  Why or why not?
  • “If you work with your mind, rest with your hands; if you work with your hands, rest with your mind.”  P 145.  Have you ever tried this?
  • Which one of the ideas on page 145 will you or have you tried?

Chapter 7:  Eliminate All Hurry

“To redeem our time in the model of our Redeemer, we must embrace productive busyness while ruthlessly eliminating hurry from our lives.”  P. 155.

  • “Dallas Willard said that ‘hurry is the great enemy of spiritual life in our day.’” p. 157.  Do you agree?  Have you seen that in your own life?
  • Do you tend to over-estimate or underestimate how much you can get done?
  • Considering the time-budgeting principles laid out by the author, which suggestions would be helpful for your own time-keeping?
  • What are some ways that you can take the breaks and build the margin that you need to keep being productive?
  • Raynor listed four questions to ask before saying “Yes” to opportunities 184-186.  Which of those are hardest for you to consider?

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