The Moon is Always Round. . .

The best podcasts play like you are eavesdropping on a conversation of friends. Last week, I stood in my kitchen listening to two theologians converse on Life and Books and Everything–and wept. Jonathan Gibson spoke of grappling together with his young son about grief and the goodness of God.

Dr. Gibson captured his family’s experience in a children’s book entitled The Moon is Always Round, illustrated by Joe Hox from New Growth Press. Please–BUY THIS BOOK! Even if you have no children in your life, BUY THIS BOOK. I don’t want to give the whole story away, but it will encourage you wherever in life you are.

The illustrations are just very sweet, showing a relatable family life with reoccurring items that add a search component to each page. Resources in the back of the book include lessons for kids, suggested memory verses, a brief catechism, and the fuller background story to the book.

Good children’s books are hard to come by. The Moon is Always Round is altogether lovely, and its central message will resonate with readers of all ages long after its last page has been read.

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