Survey on Singleness and the Church

Post Update: The Survey has been closed. I would still love any thoughts you might have. Please go to the Contact section here and send me a note.

Dear Friends, Married AND Single,

When I was 32, I was asked to speak on singleness for the first time. And I thought, “Oh NO!!! I’m the ‘older single’ now. ARRRRGGGGG!” That is a direct quote.

Now that 20 years have passed, and I am still single, it is time to do something about it.

Yes, friends, it is time for me to write a book. I have thought about it, prayed about it, and sought good counsel. All systems are GO!

The Lord has been kind to me these last 50 years. He has brought me to Himself, given me meaningful work, and surrounded me with loving family and friends. And I have learned–am learning–so much about what it means to love Him, to love people, to love the Church while single.

I know that my path is not every single’s journey, so as a part of the beginning stages of writing, I released a questionnaire to explore others’ experience and understanding of what it means to life this single life as a Christ-follower. I am so thankful for more than 700 respondents who shared their experiences with me. Now begins the hard work!

Would you be praying with me? Please pray the Lord would be honored in the work, that God’s people would be encouraged, and that the church would be strengthened.

For the King!


  1. Praise God for you and your wisdom, Lisa! I enjoyed taking this survey. It gave me some things to think about, and I am eager to read the book!


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