Kitchen Stocking Stuffers

Normally, I write about books, life, and the Bible, but you know a few recipes make it onto the blog from time to time. In recognition of Black Friday, I was looking around my kitchen this morning, and here are a few ideas that might help get your Christmas shopping off to a good start. I have a smallish kitchen, and I cook every day, so everything I use has to be useful, durable, attractive, small, and easy to clean. Here are my favorite kitchen items:

Garlic/Ginger Mincer/Crusher: Quick, easy to clean, works great on fresh and frozen garlic.

Stainless Steel Odor Removing Bar: Cute, yes, but so effective. I use garlic and/or onions in most recipes and couldn’t stand my hands without this little fish.

Aero Press Coffee Maker, Upgraded filter, and Storage Rack: The best coffee whereever you want to make it. And while the storage rack technically won’t fit in most stockings, it is a great companion to the Aero Press.

Instant Pot Dragon Steam Diverter: Makes me laugh every single time!

Magnetic Knife Block: Take your knives off the counter but keep them close!

As an Amazon Associate, I may receive a percentage of your purchase. Just don’t forget to shop on Amazon Smile so that Children’s Hunger Fund might benefit too!

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

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