Cambodian Christians Lead in Generosity

Cambodia experienced one of the greatest atrocities of the last century. From 1975 to 1979, the Communist Khmer Rouge decimated approximately 2 million people, covering the land in blood and bone, and plunging generations into the trauma of genocide.

Today, Cambodia’s population and economy are both expecting growth. While extreme poverty levels (living on less than $1.90 a day) have dropped to less than 10%, the material needs of the Cambodian people continue to be striking. Basic necessities like clean water and education are still out of reach of the working poor.

Cambodia is also experiencing growth spiritually. Once outlawed, Christianity was legalized in Cambodia in 1990, and Jesus’ church has been growing in tremendous ways. Joshua Project estimates that 3.2% of the 14 million Khmer people, the largest ethnic group, are Christians, but most of the country is Buddhist, by both religion and culture.

I was privileged to have several Cambodian students during my years working with International Students. One of them, Bora, now serves with ACTION International as a part of a translation team, churning out both original works and translations of Christian resources for the growing church in Cambodia.

Bora wrote earlier this year about practical ways Cambodian Christians were generously helping in the building of Cambodia’s hope. Here are some ways that our brothers and sisters are aiding others, and they invite you to join them!

  • School Children: For $120/year, you can also help pay some of their school fees. We hope to get them get through high school. UNICEF reports that fewer that 55% of school children finish High School.
  • Bible School: We have also begun supporting those who are called to ministry but want more biblical education through Bible School. We hope to be able to help students pay for four years of school. Tuition starts at $100 per course.
  • Pastoral Work: Many Khmer pastors are bi-vocational; thus, any help they can get allows them to focus more energy on the local church. $30/month goes a long way in helping.
  • Local Church Ministers: Other Cambodians are serving God full-time in various church ministries. $10-20 a month would help these workers.
  • Mercy Ministry: Families impacted by sever poverty and physical needs can be supported for $80 a month.  

Here are a few ways you can join in the work:

  • Support Bora and Bunry in their work as they serve the Cambodian church and the people in need around them. They are in need currently of funds for a new computer for the ministry.
  • Support the work of ACTION International in Cambodia.
  • Pray for these faithful workers and the Church in Cambodia.
  • Serve. ACTION Cambodia is looking for people to meet the following missionary needs: administrative assistant, leadership and pastoral development, micro-enterprise champion, short-term trainer and coordinator, sports evangelist, special projects coordinator, those who will work among street-related children.

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