Bruised Gratitude

Thanksgiving morning, Fairbanks, Alaska.

My heart is hurting this morning as I think of the brokenness of the world: Afghanistan and Ethiopia starving, stupid people doing stupid things with guns, politicians who should be in jail, the death of family members who don’t know Jesus, Christian leaders who publicly demonstrate ungodliness.

And yet, as I look around, I see in stark contrast the kind, just, righteous, holy, good God who is ever present. I see my parents aging with grace. I enjoy pictures from faithful missionaries who have given up much comfort so that people might know who Jesus is. I watch my friends parent other people’s children with love and patience. The beauty of the snow brings tears to my eyes. The Scriptures ring in my head. John Newton’s letters deliver challenge and comfort. And my bruised heart rejoices.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

He is my sun; but clouds and sometimes walls, intercept him from my view. He is my strength; yet I am prone to lean upon reeds. He is my friend; but on my part there is such coldness and ingratitude, as no other friend could bear. But still he is gracious, and shames me with his repeated multiplied goodness. [214]

“Though the believer is nothing in himself, yet having all in Jesus, he may rejoice in his name all the day.” [74]

Seriously, the times look dark and stormy, and call for much circumspection and prayer; but let us not forget that we have an infallible Pilot, and that the power, and wisdom, and honor of God, are embarked with us. [205]

Letters of John Newton, Banner of Truth Trust.

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