Fat Bear Week 2021

Is there anything more Alaskan that Fat Bear Week? OK, probably the Nenana Ice Classic, but still!

Katmai National Park annually publishes profiles of its brown bear population along with a Championship bracket. And don’t forget the juniors! (This always makes me rethink the helpfulness of salmon for weight reduction. . .)

Fat Bear Week 2021 Bracket with 12 bear photos. Match 1: 435 vs. 128. Match 2: 151 vs. 634. Match 3: 812 vs. 131. Match 4: 480 vs. 402. Match 5: Winner of Match 1 vs. Winner of Fat Bear Junior. Match 6: Winner of Match 2 vs. 32. Match 7: Winner of Match 3

Jump in. Watch the bears fishing live. Make a bracket. You can even vote for your favorite. Let me know who your Champion is!

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