A Note on Mother’s Day

I sat in the pew, feeling sorry for myself. It was Mother’s Day about 15 years ago. I was in my mid-30s, no marital prospects in view, and a ministry lifestyle (and income) that had ruled out adoption. The roses were handed out to all the moms, and the pastor had roundly declared “Motherhood is the highest calling of any woman.” Had I missed the boat of God’s goodness? In the middle of my own pity party, I heard sniffles around me.

One of the questions I am frequently asked is, “How does Mother’s Day impact you as a single?” I really appreciate the question. It has been difficult some years, like my emotions are a little spring-loaded on Mother’s Day. And, I’m not alone. Mother’s Day isn’t hard for only singles. As you go into the weekend, take a moment to consider these folks, too:

  • Those who have been struggling with infertility
  • Couples who have recently lost a child
  • Moms who have had a child walk away from the home or the faith
  • People who have lost their mother this year
  • Foster kids and foster parents who live with the brokenness of the system
  • Recently divorced or abandoned moms who no longer have a partner to coordinate a celebration
  • New step-moms who are finding their way through a new family
  • Moms whose kids are far away

Here are some ways that you can be sensitive to those who might be struggling on Mother’s Day:

Be carefully Biblical with the Mother’s Day rhetoric at church. Please remember that this is a cultural family holiday, not a God-ordained part of the church calendar. Please be careful not to communicate something that the Bible doesn’t say about those who are or are not moms.

Recognize the caring people in your life. Let your friends know that you see how they love others. You will never know just how much a simple note of thanks may mean, especially on a hard day!

Look for the lonely. Whatever the day, please keep your eyes out for those who are sad, alone, or make a beeline for the door. Read more on this from Tim Challies.

Thanks for caring for the people around you!

By the way, in case you were wondering, my mother is simply the best.


  1. I would also add to your list women who have had an abortion. We had a young woman who was saved in our church who had an abortion, and Mother’s Day every year would stir up so much guilt and also longing for her child. It opened my eyes to the deep pain experienced by some on Mother’s Day.

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