Podcast Recommendation: Help Me Teach the Bible

You know that delight you find as you enjoy something that is really good? And the sadness that creeps in you when it comes to an end? Yeah. This is one of those. My favorite podcast recently posted its last episode, and I’m feeling a little bit like a friend has moved away.

Help Me Teach the Bible with Nancy Guthrie offers 117 episodes of interviews with pastors and authors and seminary professors covering each book of the Bible and more that 60 other topics related to teaching the Scriptures. Lig Duncan, Don Carson, Christopher Ash, Sam Allberry, Colleen McFadden, Paul Tripp. What a treasure it was to listen for the last several years as Nancy interviewed these servants of the Lord.

In her final episode posted September 16, 2020, Nancy reflected back over the project with her husband, David. She said her initial goal was to bring excellent Bible teachers to help teach Bible teachers. As time when on, she desired to provide tools for the typical Bible teacher, to give them a healthy sense of each text along with the inspiration and courage to rightly handle the Word.

And if being podcast-mentored by some of the best wasn’t enough, don’t you just love a good interview? Episode by episode, Nancy demonstrated her curiosity, humility, and a thorough knowledge of both the teacher being interviewed and the Biblical text or subject matter they were discussing. The interviewees often shared how they came to know the Gospel, or how they got into teaching. They laughed and choked back tears together as they invested their very lives in the listeners.

Who did Nancy wish she could have interviewed? She listed some of my favorite teachers: Sinclair Ferguson, Alex Motyer, Alistair Begg, Michael Reeves. Please, Nancy, with a list like this, won’t you keep going?

Thank you, Nancy, for helping us teach the Bible!

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  1. […] Help Me Teach the Bible: A weekly (or so) interview conducted by Nancy Guthrie with Bible teachers from all over the world about different books of the Bible and topics concerning accurate, interesting communication of the Scriptures. Worth listening to for Nancy’s humble interviewing prowess alone! More on this podcast here. […]


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