Podcast Recommendation: Life and Books and Everything

In the category of “good things that have come out of 2020,” let me recommend to you the podcast Life and Books and Everything. Hosted by Kevin DeYoung, Collin Hansen, and Justin Taylor, three serious men who love to laugh, this brilliant podcast is a celebration of thinking, reading, and friendship. I’m thankful that these men have invited us into their conversation!

Some of you read those names and stopped reading to add this podcast to your library (or cancel me), but others may be less familiar with them. Kevin DeYoung is the pastor of Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, NC, and one of my favorite preachers. Collin Hansen is the editorial director for The Gospel Coalition. Justin Taylor is publisher and executive vice president at Crossway. All three are regular bloggers and conference speakers, and I have appreciated their labors over the years.

This weekly hour-long nerd chat covers, well, life and books and everything. Have you ever considered the impact of Midwesterner’s cultural transitions when they move to the South? You will find that here. What about how an individual church’s decision impacts other congregations? Can I have Russian novels for 500 please, Alex? Here. What? Steve Nichols is publishing a biography of RC Sproul? Of course he is! How can the church think Biblically about mom-shaming and infertility. Football? Sure, but not so much that even I lose interest. Disagreeing gracefully? Yep. And the books, oh, the BOOKS! As if I ever needed any more incentive to add to the unread piles. . .

Jump on now, and start listening from April. Who doesn’t need more thoughtful, witty, friendship in their lives?

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