Guest Post: Quarantine Activities with Frankie

With the new balance of full-time worker and substitute educator, my wife and I have praised the creators of consistent and free content. A daily workout video for kids, yes please!  Story time with your favorite voice actor, great! And now something that touches a little on geography, social issues, and the Gospel… jackpot!

I’m excited to share that Virtual Coin Pak was added into our daily routine this week. Coming from a long relationship with Children’s Hunger Fund, we understand the importance of the Church and the role that it has in its community. Now we get to introduce this relationship to our kids with Daily Mission Moments. They hear about a child born in a different part of the world and the reality of their life. My boys get to see how the Church reaches out to children with love and a Food Pak and get to witness the hope that the Pastor brings.

And as part of it all, the kids are called to help with their own action. My boys decides what they will do to earn a few coins that will, in turn, provide meals to children just like them. It is great to see a heart of compassion start to grow inside of them.

The time we spend watching Mission Moments brings about conversations of our reality today: friends that we don’t see, teachers that we miss, family that we can’t visit right now. And those conversations create opportunities to pray for our world.

If you are interested in joining us, visit where you can download a printable Coin Pak and paper coins to help provide hope to children around the world. Videos are updated daily or you can find them on the Children’s Hunger Fund Facebook and Instagram pages.

Frankie Rodriguez serves as a Digital Media Assistant at Children’s Hunger Fund.

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