Happy 20th Birthday to BiblePlaces.com

Nahal Zin, Fall 1992.
Nahal Zin, Fall 1992

I spent the better parts, no, the best parts of 1992 and 1993 studying in Israel. Living in Jerusalem was pretty awesome–fresh pita for breakfast, the Old City within a stone’s throw of my dorm (literally. . . and occasionally, actually), and the Temple Mount just around the corner. It was an experience with amazing impact on my life, especially when you consider almost three decades of friendship with fellow classmate, Todd Bolen and his wife, Kelli.

I have written about Todd’s work with www.BiblePlaces.com before, but today I want to take a moment and recognize Todd and his team for two decades of ministry through this site. Todd has collected, taken, and cataloged more than 100,000 photos of Bible Lands, including Turkey, Greece, Persia, and Israel among others. I love using these photos and maps to increase my understanding of the Scriptures and hopefully bring additional clarity to my teaching. And, frankly, I lose all track of time when I start clicking. . .

Wondering how these photo collections came to be? Todd wrote a reflection today that gives you the whole story. And if you are wondering what the collections looks like, there is a free downloadable PowerPoint with photos of Galilee at the end of Todd’s newsletter. Check this one out from 1931:

If you read the Scriptures, or know someone who does, you should check these collections out! You will not regret a dime spent on these resources!

Happy Anniversary to Todd, Kelli, and the BiblePlaces Team! Your work is a ministry to the Church, and I am grateful for you!

Todd and Kelli Bolen, Spring 1993.


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