Songs for Saplings

Some of you may be familiar with the catechized songs that Dana Dirksen has written and produced called Songs for Saplings. Rich, robust theology is set to simple, catchy music. Their collections are ON SALE–$20 for the whole collection. So much music for so little cash.

Poke around their website a bit, and you will find a songbook, lyric sheets, and even crafts to go with the music. You can listen to the songs there on the site, or pop over to YouTube to hear the songs as well as see the lyrics.

Dana and the Saplings crew (local believers and interns) are working in a dozen languages to translate and record the songs on the ground in the countries.

Missionaries get free music, here too!

And do you want to translate for your region? Or are you interested in supporting Songs for Saplings, you can contact Dana for more information.

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