Praying for a Container

“Are you going to come pray for the container?” Mario asked.  It took me a moment.  In my previous life that might have meant asking the Creator for help finding the lid to the Tupperware.  But this is a different day.  Mario was asking if I was coming to pray as our staff sends out a truckload of food and resources to a cold-devastated region in South America.



So, I gathered with my colleagues, and we prayed.  Some of the bookkeepers were there, a retiree who volunteers doing maintenance, our museum experience builder, the logistics guys, some folks from Relationship Development, and Ministry Development.  We prayed for customs officials with integrity, for the churches who are a part of the Mercy Network, and even for the donkeys who would carry the resources to the Quechua people living in the mountains.  We prayed for the audio Bibles which would make their way to non-literate homes.  And we prayed for the pastors to be courageous to communicate the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as they visited families in need of nourishment for body and soul.


And then we made our way back to our desks and pencils and forklifts.  We left thanking God that we got a glimpse of what He is doing in one small piece of His Kingdom and that He is using us to do it.

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