Launch Day!

It’s an exciting day here at Children’s Hunger Fund! It is Launch Day! Our team has been working to make Food Pak packing more accessible for the last year, and today, we are live! As of today, anyone in the Continental United States can fill Food Paks! And we aren’t the only ones smiling!

Yes, the box looks a little different that what you have seen before, but the contents are still nutritious and now more child-accessible. Nothing has changed about how the box gets to the child. CHF gets these boxes to local churches where pastors and volunteers distribute to kids impacted by poverty and food insecurity. You can help to deliver hope today!

Looking for a GREAT project for a Birthday party? Add some party hats and cupcakes, and here you go! Or a project for your upcoming Vacation Bible School? Yes!!! Look no further! (CHF helps Answers in Genesis with their annual VBS curriculum, too!)

1. Decide How Many Food Paks You Would Like to Fill

You can participate in Project Food Pak as an individual, as a family, or with a group. If you’re leading a group, you’ll want to determine how many Food Paks your group can fill before you place your order.

2. Order Your Food Paks HERE.

Food Paks are ordered by the case. The minimum order is 1 Case Pak, containing 4 Food Pak boxes. The maximum order is 15 Case Paks, totaling 60 Food Pak boxes. (If you are interested in doing a large group Project Food Pak that requires more than 15 Case Paks, please contact us through Customer Service.)

The empty Food Paks are free of charge and a pre-paid return shipping label will be provided with your order. The only charge is for shipping your order to you.

3. When Your Food Paks Arrive

Please open the Case Pak(s) carefully upon arrival and save it in good condition. It will be used to return the filled Food Paks to CHF. If you’re working with a group, distribute the empty Food Paks to the participants.

4. Fill the Food Paks

Fill your Food Paks with the items from the Shopping List provided in each Food Pak. Make sure the lid of the box closes flat and snug after packing it.

Each participating household should fill out the Participant Form found on the back side of the Shopping List and place it inside a filled Food Pak. We also suggest enclosing an $8 donation for each Food Pak, to cover distribution costs.

5. Collect & Return

If you are filling Food Paks with a group, return your Food Paks to your group leader.

If you are the group leader or are participating outside a group, return filled Food Paks to the Case Pak. Seal the Case Pak with tape and attach the UPS return label over the existing UPS label. Deliver the Case Pak to any UPS center.

6. What Happens to the Filled Food Paks?

Food Paks will be shipped back to a CHF Distribution Center where they will be distributed to local churches. Trained pastors and volunteers will deliver Food Paks to the homes of families in their communities.

We are so excited to partner with you and with local churches to Deliver Hope! Order your Food Paks today!


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